What is you are to set your re-seat exam this year, would you let yourself fail again?

what if you are to be your own boss, would you let your company go broke?

What if you are in the heart of the woman you love, would you screw the relationship?

what if you are to restart your business this year, would you let it crash one more time?

What if you were jailed wrongfully, would you find yourself guilty on the same situation if you were the judge?

((This Music made my day. Maybe it could make yours too.))

What if your only beloved child is dying, would you watch him or her die because you are saving money for a vacation?

What if this New year is a direct repetition of the last one, would you let yourself repeat your previous mistakes?

what if your answers are all no, are you ready to take your destiny into your hands this year and get
the universal wealth on your side or would you wait again until it is the 11th hour?

Now is the time to start and change the year. Good a thing, everyone is starting the same day and at the same time. Do not concentrate on other peoples' speed just be consistent on yours.

One more thing, do not forget to seek other alternatives because if you did not get it right in 2014, chance is that your method isn't spot-on.

Enjoy that song above. it made my day. maybe it could make yours too.

Happy New year my friends.

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