By : Michael Iron Anyanwu
Rönnbergagatan 54, Västerås


Making money online has become a dominant trend since the internet revolution of the past decade. Regularly you here people pop the questions like : How do I make money online? As a beginner, what do I need to know to make money online? How can I make money online with Facebook and other social media and how do I make money online fast for free etc.

In fact these are but the least of the questions people ask about making money online. Nevertheless, where as there are tons and tons of ways of asking about making money online, the common denominator is that the people who ask these questions, including me have one purpose in mind and that is "How does one make money online" or even more direct, how do I make money online free.

The truth or should I say the fact is that there are multiple ways one can make money online without
investing a fortune except time and maybe a little money for access to the internet. One of such ways is by Blogging.

It is no more a secret that many people have made a lot of money online without registering any domain name or hosting any website. From Countries like USA China, Sweden and a lot of other developed countries there are people who have written their names in the WHOIS book just by blogging. Of course, MAKING MONEY ONLINE is not just a birthright of people from the developed countries. Not at all! Some special people in the developing countries have their fair share too. A brave example is Linda Ikeji  of Nigeria who has developed her Blogging skill into a brand name. Granted the fact that I have not had any knowledge of her beginning, her success speaks for itself.


Guy I must tell you that though blogging is a sure way of making money online, there has been a paradigm shift lately;  the dynamics are seriously scaling towards automating the process so that you keep on making money even when you pass out after a heavy drinking competition. Yes. It is as direct as that.  Though the ground zero is traffic, many smart guys have developed some smart methods for making money online very easily. For example you might want to check out the Google Sniper.

Google Sniper is not a software per say, but a method that applies all the rules and regulations of Google and other search engine, and all the rules in with a sniper-like precision. It means, if you follow the rules, you cannot miss. There are many other products out there though, however I singled out Google Sniper because it has remained on top of  Clickbank's sales catalogue since it's launch in 2012 even until he came up with the Google sniper X, which is the latest update. (Clickbank is an affiliate company that help companies of individuals to market their products by outsourcing it to affiliate personnels. You can join. It is absolutely free. In fact, they pay you for promoting people's goods any time there is a sale ).

Apart from Google sniper, there are bunch of books out there teaching folk how to make money online. Granted that not all of them writing these books are already rich themselves, they have some pieces of information that could turn dedicated Online Snipers into full baked millionaires.

If you want to make money online and you do not know where to start at all, you can start by reading some books about making money online and as I said earlier, there are bunch of eBooks detailing to people how to make money online. In-fact, you can grab some of them for free by subscribing for my updates on the right hand side. However, if you prefer peoples testimony for motivation, I suggest that you hit  the YouTube. I must warn you though, if you are not careful, you will be overwhelmed buy the amount of testimonies and new strategies coming out from peoples' mouth.


Making money either offline or online demands some dedication and right method. I promise you that just about the same thing works online. The only and major difference is the amount of people you do business with as an offline business man is a miniature when compared with the internet market place. And yet, it is just a mouse click away from you.

The only secret about making tons of money online is, there are no secrets. Just follow what works for you and explore all the possibilities it has to offer you. Master it and automate it and sale it for more money.

Whether you are blogging like Linda Ikeji or Google Sniping Like George Brown the most important thing is that you are making money online.

One last thing before I hit my bed. If you are sure that you want to make money online, you must start by creating an online presence. You create an online presence by making a website. Now, you can buy a domain name and host your own website or you can use a free platform like Infact, Linda Ikeji's multimillion blog is built on blogspot. 


I have not written you a complete guide on making money online but I have let you understand that you can start making money online without investing a fortune

I am starting with Google Sniper. Maybe you can try it out too. My advice however is that you just go for what you believe will work for you and believe me,  with little dedication, you may end up teaching people how to make money online, not as a researcher but as someone who has really made some money online

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