By: Michael Anyanwu.
Technology Advancement


The internet as we know has been around for a while. As we also know, it has never been what it is today and in no decade than this has it shown an unstoppable sign. In-fact, the geometrical acceleration of internet base operations has become an anchor to a lot of things thus forming an hyper interconnectivity that no one can predict its limit.

Notable among the things that benefited immensely from the internet revolution is the mobile gadgets domain. Of course the mobile word is almost accelerating in the same velocity as the internet world. The only difference is that it anchors more on the survival of the internet and as a result, they are married to each other.

The greatest benefit that resulted and is still resulting from this marriage between the internet and the mobile phone communities is the birth of APPs. Mobile APPs and the rate of their daily growth are doing the same blow to traditional search engine as atomization is doing to manual labour. You only need to click an app and a huge result is achieved. So why sit there for hours typing into the search engine?


Guess what, it is estimated that not less than 2 billion people surf the internet daily and  a whooping 1.75 billion people owned a smart phone in 2014. Taking that statics it could be right or rather logical to suggest that about 1.5 billion people surfed the internet via a mobile device.

This does not only show a paradigm shift but an outright revolution. Each day, numerous mobile apps continue to fill the app market and you can not but admire how perfectly most of these apps perform the functions for which they were made.

The PC/ Laptops has dominated internet marketing for quite a long time but every sign indicates that the centre is shifting towards another epoch. In fact, any internet marketer that is not obvious of this extraordinary transition will be left behind. You can bet it, just as the internet was growing to more than 2300%  in 2005, 4 years after the launch of the first internet browser, the app store will take every industry by storm and maybe monopolize the internet in a way similar to Google's.

It is becoming a situation of join or be left behind. There is practically nothing one cannot do with the apps except maybe put food in the mouth. Lately, it is much more convenient to play your computer game-on-the-go on you mobile devices rather than unpacking your laptop. Just an example.
 I simply mean that the market is ever green and only those who know how to navigate the greener forages will find their way to the bounty.


The only way to dominate the market as Amazon dominated the digital book is by channelling a reasonable amount of attention into App marketing. Seriously, any first group that will automate the building and marketing of apps stands a chance of dominating a billion Dollar market before it becomes over saturate. That is, if there is a chance for something like that.

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