By: Michael Anyanwu
Business Mentorship
January 16 2015


“If God were our one and only desire we would not be so easily upset when our opinions do not find outside acceptance.” 
― Thomas à KempisThe Imitation of Christ.

In this quote, We were meant to understand the importance of being groomed by one who knows more and without a divided focus. The same applies to business.  Business is not just a trade, it is an act. Yes it is an act of maximizing profit while abiding by most of your  your social responsibilities. 

If only we have one to mentor us and the right way, we may not have any need to start over but that is not always the case because having a mentor is similar to leaving your will to be in control into another person's hand. It is just that because, no matter how direct it may sound, the mentor is not your father but someone who is their to tell you the hardcore truth so that you have a happy ending. 

In view of this, I want to post for you an article I read today about "mentorship". Maybe you will find it useful as I did.  This was posted in 2007 but its relevance is till impeccable:

Why You Need A Mentor

Mentors aren't your parents, friends, or even your more generous investors. They are business veterans whose only role is to tell you what you really need to hear about your company. Mentors do plenty of cheerleading, of course, but their real value is in the objective, unvarnished advice they can provide.
Having been there and done that, mentors can save you from falling into common traps and point out things you may be too busy to notice. "New entrepreneurs have a pretty difficult time because they start with an idea and suddenly have to become multidimensional," says Gordon Shea, author of The Mentoring Organization. "Most folks have weaknesses, and they need help filling in those gaps."
But while just about everyone can benefit from a mentor, at least theoretically, not everyone is ready to have the relationship. Headstrong folks who aren't open to criticism may not get much out of it. Other times, it is the mentor who doesn't get it. Mentors shouldn't be dictators. Their role is to ask questions and give information that will help inform your decisions.
Of course, as in any relationship, chemistry is important, and that can be a matter of luck. Still, before you chat up the first person you meet at a networking event, take some time to determine exactly what qualities you are looking for in a mentor. Then begin an organized search for a person who fits the bill, sussing out whether he or she is ready and willing to help. Once you've located your ally, you need to handle the relationship professionally to make sure both you and your mentor benefit. The payoff can be big. Working with a mentor has been "incredibly valuable," says Kimberly Nasief, the 32-year-old founder of Marketing Endeavors, a customer research company in Louisville. The six-employee company has revenues of $1.2 million, almost double those of last year. "I don't think we would have grown as fast as we have without his insight and input."
New except from  BloombergBusinessWeek Magazine
Follow the link for the complete article. 

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