Holy Grail Of Making MOney

Discipline is money making Holy Grail!

Have you tried everything? What is everything? Have you asked all the necessary questions and still there is no steady income? Why don’t you think about discipline? Yes discipline!
Just as you need discipline to study for your exams and pass well, you need discipline to make money.  Aside deconstructing some wrong mental images of money and wealth that we inherited from our parents, another thing blocking us from reaching our financial potential is lack of discipline.

Do you remember that song by Kenny Rodgers? I guess you do. Yes, “Know when to hold them”. Easier said than done. One of the reasons why this principle is so powerful is because the love of making money skyrockets by more money you make. So, to quit when you are hitting the right buttons with every attempt you make is as difficult as pulling out at the point of orgasm. Pardon my choice of word.

Mind you, I am talking just about the discipline in making money, which is completely different from discipline in spending it. Yet both count to make you a real player in the financial arena.
Without mincing words, making right decisions on their own cannot open the door of financial equilibrium to you if you lack the requisite money making discipline. Same with having no spending discipline.You can bump into too much cash but it’s sustained presence will be like a mirage- always appearing ahead and disappearing when you get closer, if you lack financial discipline. The beauty of this article is that I am talking to myself too. Funny right? I want some more!

Be that as it may, I must also tell you that controlling your spending habit is one part that ignoring it will make whatever effort you make to get money look like taking your shower in a salty pond. No matter the amount of soap you use, your body will always appear more dried than a salted fish.  You might want to check out this page.  It has pretty much a whole lot to talk about discipline with money.

When I started, I Asked if you have tried everything? Do you really need to try everything? I don’t think so. You only need to try the things you do well. If you try the things you do well, you can hardly fail in them. Maybe you tried everything except the things you do well. The good news is; it is not yet too late.  Have you asked all the necessary questions? Maybe you have done that but my guess is that you left the questions you know their answers. Even a moron will be able to answer the questions he or she knows the answer to ab initio.

Why not try asking that question you know the answer? Why not try that those stuff you do well. If a medical doctor decides to be a chef without foreknowledge of the fundamentals of cooking and of course commercial cooking, he will not only cook terrible food, but also, he might end up giving people poison as food.

The bottom line is this, with discipline and the choice of what you are good at, along with asking the questions you can answer and just little courage to dare, the only thing that is standing on your way to financial empire is just starting. On the contrary, neither discipline nor intelligence will help you if you keep jumping into areas you are not good at or asking questions that will take you a whole life time to answer.

What are you waiting for, design your own website, try selling other people’s products and making little profits, try Advertising  for others or even running surveys and get commissions until you can design your won digital content or maybe sale customized cloths for plus size babes

Please leave your comments. Maybe your ideas could be the ice breaker in someones life. 

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