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Online Advertising is a huge campaign. And lacking a clear-cut online marketing strategy may leave Businesses and Entrepreneurs counting their losses without ever achieving their set goals and objectives. Hence, it is expedient that it’s done rightly – the first time also. As daunting a task as online advertising might seem, knowledge and the right info is the first step towards mastering the pros and cons of online marketing.

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But first things first


Online advertising utilizes the internet to draw the attention of potential customers to businesses and services. The odds are you have come across some of this ads when you surf the web - Email marketing, web banner, search engine marketing are all under the online advertising spectrum.

There are numerous forms of online advertising available. But they all fall into either of these two categories –:

1.     Paid Search Advertising: This is easily the largest online advertising category. Presently dominated by Google, it involves paying for having your ad listed on search engine’s results pages (SERP).

Advertisers on search engines are usually billed using the:

·        Pay per Click (PPC):  ads are charged only when visitors click on it. This system tends to be performance driven – as you only pay for results.

·        Cost per Thousand impressions (CPM): mostly suited for display advertising. An advertiser is charged for every 1000 impressions (times your ads appear on a SERP) to visitors. Suitable for Businesses looking to build an online presence.  

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2.     Display advertising: promotional messages and branding activities are displayed to sites visitors. Display advertising could be in the form of videos, texts, images, audios. In short, it offers great flexibility and the format employed for marketing purposes is best determined by your targeted audience.

·        SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING – an emerging field?

Not at all. We only used the term emerging because it’s only recently businesses and Entrepreneurs are starting to appreciate the power and reach of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. With an estimated 2.67 billion social media users by 2018, smart businesspersons could see the potential for growth and maintain an online presence.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and more recently snap chat! The list keeps growing and knowing exactly which platform to focus on might be confusing. Although most of them offer display ads, in reality, each of these social networking platforms has its unique audience and user’s inclination.

Take Facebook for instance. It has perhaps, the most developed marketing services and most importantly the largest outreach compared to the others. You need not have a Facebook account before using some of its advertising options.

You have flexibility in choosing who sees your ads based on criteria you selected such as users’ interests, region, and demography. A great way to ensure that only your target audience gets to see your ads. Saving you time and money from displaying to users who might not be interested in your business.

 One major advertising service Facebook offers is the Facebook ads.

The Facebook ads are short creative headlines or images which are made to run down the profiles and pages of Facebook users. You can choose flexible billing options like day to day charges or a lifetime option befitting your budget.


Twitter is one of the leading social networking sites in terms of active users globally. And naturally one of the social networking platform businesses would look to maintain an interactive online presence, as it targets new and existing customers. Twitter has quite an impressive collection of advertising services which companies would fancy base on its objective to increase brand visibility, create leads or increase conversion rates. 

·        Promoted trends: you can place compelling stories about your brand to your targeted audience. These trending stories are differentiated from regular feeds as they appear at the top left of pages. Your promoted stories could trend for as long as 24 hours.

·        Promoted tweets: these are tweets that are to appear at a particular time of the day to your targeted audience. This time is determined by the advertiser and could be strategically selected to coincide with a major event. Making it possible for more users to see your tweets.

·        promoted account: rather than promote individual tweet or stories, why not promote a full-fledged account to appear to users who might be interested in following you? Certainly not a bad idea if you ask me. Appropriate for building your brand’s  presence and maintaining a lively interactive relationship with you customers.


Affiliate marketing is a business partnership between companies and the affiliate marketer. It entails the affiliate marketer promoting the products and services of the company and be paid a commission when someone buys the product. Web sites and blogs owners could earn a considerable amount of money when they display third party ads on their sites and visitors click the affiliate link and makes the required action, such as purchase a product, subscribe to a newsletter or opt-in for downloads.

Affiliate marketing is an aggressive method for pursuing leads and ultimately closing sales. Every party has a stake in it. Hence, it’s a sure and effective method which appeals to every party involved.

Ø The affiliate marketer is happy because he earns a commission from every lead generated or sale completed

Ø The company is happy because they have a new sale or leads which they probably would never have closed.

The consumer is also happy as they have one less problem to worry about.  Affiliate marketing is the perfect win-win situation businesses and online marketers must look to exploit

Exploiting Advertising Agencies and Ad Websites

Advertising agencies are professionals who are dedicated to creating and maintaining an advertising strategy and other forms of promotional activities for clients. For businesses and Entrepreneurs, the question they always ask is –

Why should I hire an advertising agency?

      That’s a valid question if you ask me. To put it modestly,

     Most Entrepreneur and businesses don’t have the creative talent and know-how to do justice to advertising campaigns in-house.

Advertising agency provides a neutral’s perspective on the marketing activities of its client which is devoid of subjectivity. Online advertising requires due diligence with a strategic marketing plan. Agency cost at the long run is compensated by the long term benefits of having an ad agency’s best approach to advertising and concept themed campaigns that help nurture a company’s brand.

There is no gainsaying that consumers are using the internet to steer their way to retailers. And businesses who were wise enough by putting their ads in places where these consumers might look for them have solved one nagging problem of online advertising -  identifying your target audience and reaching them.

Advertisers must take advantage of those potential customers who look to navigate their way to products and services listed on advertising websites. Marketing on websites such as Google AdWords and Yahoo listing actually brings you one step closer to people who are already interested in your business. There are numerous ad placement platforms like the known giants such as Google AdWords and Yahoo local listings. Most of them offer the pay per click advertising option which helps as a performance measure to evaluate the effectiveness of placing adverts on ads alone websites.
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Radio, television, newspaper and magazine has been here the whole time. And advertising on some of these platforms has served marketers over the years. While Social media advertising is still in its early stages when compared to mass media advertising, it is more than proving to be a dependable alternative on which companies can base their marketing strategy.

Social media advertising and mass media advertising are two distinct marketing channels that are both effective for different types of businesses. But sizing up both channels base on budget, business profile and targeted audience helps us evaluate just how well they measure up to each other.

 And the case for both:

·        Mainstream media advertising

1.     On budget: suitable for companies with a big budget. As the audience at a particular time is larger compared to online advertising.

2.     Business profile: companies who deal with products which are not “online” may see mainstream advertising as the best option. For instance, Agricultural clients would prefer printed publications for news and information as oppose going through the web.

3.     Targeted audience: large audience, diverse spectrum all at once. But messages tend to be generic and almost a one-way communication. Hence, it lacks the one-on-one interactive atmosphere which comes with social media marketing.  

·        Online advertising

1.     On budget: online advertising is a lot less expensive and very suitable for startups and companies who have a tight budget.

2.     Business profile: very suitable for target market who spend a lot of time online. particularly if your product is equally accessible online. Businesses under the fashion and lifestyle niche are better promoted through the online channels.

3.     Targeted audience: online advertising makes it easier to reach small groups of people directly. With stronger connection established through interactive sessions with customers. Useful feedback is gained and awareness about a good product is quickly passed amongst close groups with similar interests.

The verdict? You decide!
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It will be a dis-service if we discuss marketing without learning some few tricks on capturing the attention of our targeted audience. Without much ado, here we go

1.     Don’t try too hard: the fact is nobody likes to feel they’re being sold something or persuaded. Everybody likes to feel they are in control – including your customers too. Brands who relentlessly display their ads on TV at every and anytime only helps in flaring up viewers.

2.     Create a positive first impression: humans are naturally excited by images and video ads as they evoke emotions, such as joy. Utilize this opportunity by creating storied style videos & images which customers could easily relate with.

3.     Trend with the community: engage in things a regular account user would participate in, like commenting on a post or liking a tweet. Be active on social media platforms and let your followers know that you are dependable.

4.     Target active users: the idea is to target people who have following themselves and might be ready to share positive experiences about your brand. encourage them to talk about the things that matter to them and show genuine interest in what they have to say. This way you encourage them to ask more questions about you!



If the fact that over Over 40% of the world's population now have internet access doesn’t give you a hint about the prospect of online advertising, then I wonder what will. Technology has always found a way to revolutionalized important aspects of our world - and it is safe to say it has come to advertising. The older generation flirted with radios, TVs, and magazines at a time when social networking platforms where still brilliant ideas in the minds of its conceiver. But as we witness these ideas become reality with every new Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram profiles being created, there is little doubt as to the path the present and future generations have decided to take.


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6 Must Know About Online Advertising

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