Every Good Idea you have can make you Rich

In the summer of 2016 I was reaching out to three of my friends who make money tons of money online with the simple question – what is your strategy. Of course I was making money online by then but they were making much more than me.
My strategy was to write articles and make affiliate sales but they do something everyone does but in a more special way.

One of them, the richest among us all, Paul, plays online casino. The point is not to encourage anyone to play casino but to encourage those who are playing without winning much and who at the same time cannot stop to devise a strategy to keep them on the winning side of the pendulum.

What is this strategy you may ask?
Skeptical to casino as I may be, I do agree that his strategy is similar to the one explained in the book, the richest man in Babylon. He plays daily and saves a certain amount of his wins that he carries over to the next day, the next week and to the next month.

He plays Casinos that have NetEnt games and plays the games Jack Hammer and Jack hammer 2. His minimum bet is always 2 dollars. He increases this to 5 dollars when he has won at least 100 percent of his initial deposit. For example, if he starts with 200 dollars he starts with 2 dollars and increases his wagering money to 5 dollars after he has won 400 dollars.

Generally he steps off the table whenever he wins 100 percent of his deposit. He repeats this 3 times every day – once in the morning, afternoon and evening. Not too much money I guess but he makes 18000 dollars or more every month for working for less than 3 hours daily.

The reason he leaves whenever he makes 100 percent of his deposit is because either greed usually creeps in or diminishing returns takes over.
On your own part, if you are one of those who are playing casino without keeping any wins, then you can try this strategy out. Try it for one week. Do not be greedy and do not overwork yourself. Just one hour 3 times a day. Repeat it for two weeks and come here and write your testimony.

Remember, you should not play casino with money you cannot afford to lose. Even when you are winning, you should play responsibly. Do what Kenny Rogers says – You gat to know when to hold them, know when to fold them, know when to walk away and when to run.
If you try this method and patiently too, you will turn from not keeping any of your wins to banking at least 15000 dollars or more every month from working for 3 hours a day. Imagine what difference that could make in your life. Just a change of strategy.

Watch out for what the other two guys do to make their own money.

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